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Av K - 15 januari 2009 19:27

Aktivitet: Demonstration i Stockholm

Datum: Lördagen, den 17 januari 2009.
Samling: kl. 13:00, i Humlegården, avmarch mot Israeliska ambassaden/Svenska riksdagen
Arrangörer: Bl.a Islamiska Förbundet i Stockholm.
Aktivitet: Demonstration i Helsingborg

: Lördagen, den 17 januari 2009.
Samling: kl. 14:00, Gustav Adolfs Torg.
Arrangörer: Aktionsgruppen för Gaza.

Av K - 15 januari 2009 19:22

After he scored a goal for Sevilla in a January 7, 2009 match Sevilla won 2-1 over Deportive la Coruna  Kanouté raised his shirt over his head, displaying a T-shirt with the word Palestina in several languages. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz yellow carded him for this action, which was interpreted as a response toIsraels offensive on Gaza and the Spanish football federation announced that it would meet to consider issuing Kanouté a fine.

Av K - 15 januari 2009 19:16
Gunilla Carlsson fördömer attack mot UNRWA:s huvudkontor i Gaza

UNRWA:s huvudkontor i Gaza har under morgonen beskjutits och delar av lokalerna står nu i lågor. Exakta uppgifter om attacken och skadorna saknas men UNRWA har uppgett att tre anställda har skadats och att dagens distribution av livsmedel, mediciner och bränsle inte kommer att kunna genomföras. Enligt medieuppgifter träffades byggnaden av fem israeliska artillerigranater. UNRWA:s Gaza-chef John Ging uppger att huvudkontoret också utsatts för stridsvagnseld. Israel har enligt FN sagt att beskjutningen var ett allvarligt misstag.

- Det är fullkomligt oacceptabelt att UNRWA, FN:s mest centrala humanitära aktör i Gaza, blir attackerat på detta vis. Enligt folkrätten har humanitär personal rätt till skydd. Israel måste respektera folkrätten, säger Gunilla Carlsson.

- UNRWA är en central aktör i regionen och har under den pågående konflikten en synnerligen angelägen uppgift i Gaza. Under pågående konflikt tillhandahåller UNRWA bland annat leveranser av livsmedel och bränsle, samt tillfälligt skydd i ett fyrtiotal lokaler för omkring 38 000 palestinier som flytt sina hem. UNRWA och andra humanitära aktörer måste ges omedelbart och oinskränkt humanitärt tillträde samtidigt som våldet mot de civila upphör.

Sverige är den tredje största givaren till UNRWA efter USA och EU-kommissionen. Denna vecka har Sverige genom Utrikesdepartementet gjort en utbetalning på 285 miljoner kronor till UNRWA:s reguljära budget. Det totala kärnstödet till UNRWA i år uppgår till 305 miljoner kronor. För att möta UNRWA:s stora finansiella problem gjordes en tidig delbetalning på 20 miljoner kronor redan i mitten av december. Sverige har valt att utbetala hela årsbidraget extra tidigt för att hjälpa UNRWA hantera en svår finansiell situation, delvis påverkad att konflikten i Gaza.

KontaktPeter Larsson
Pressekreterare hos Gunilla Carlsson
work 08-405 59 39
cell 070-283 95 97
e-post till Peter Larsson
Av K - 15 januari 2009 18:56

Palestinska brandmän försöker kontrollera en brand efter en israelisk angrepp i södra Gazaremsan.

Många döda i nattliga strider i Gaza
Israel utförde nya flygangrepp över Gaza natten till torsdagen. Samtidigt fortsatte gatustriderna under det nu 20 dagar långa kriget, som hittills kostat fler än 1.000 palestinier och 13 israeler livet.

Av K - 15 januari 2009 18:46

Children 'paying price of Gaza war'

More than 300 children are among the hundreds
of Palestinians killed in Israel's offensive [AFP]

Children are bearing the brunt of Israel's war on the Gaza Strip, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has said.

More than 300 children have been killed and hundreds more wounded in Israel's aerial and ground assault, Ann Veneman, Unicef's executive director, said in a statement released on Wedneday.

She said: "Each day more children are being hurt, their small bodies wounded, their young lives shattered. This is tragic. This is unacceptable.

"They are bearing the brunt of a conflict which is not theirs.

"As fighting reaches the heart of heavily populated urban areas, the impact of lethal weapons will carry an even heavier toll on children."

Lost childhood

Veneman said the war and bloodshed in Gaza would cause long-term psychological damage to children.


Analysis and features from Gaza and Israel

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"The crisis in Gaza is singular in that children and their families have nowhere to escape, no refuge. The very thought of being trapped in a closed area is disturbing for adults in peace times," she said.

"What then goes through the mind of a child who is trapped in such relentless violence?"

Israel has said that it is trying to minimise civilian casualties as it targets Hamas fighters and their infrastructure, but Palestinian children are being subjected to harrowing experiences.

"I saw the soldier standing next to the shop. I looked for my mum and then he shot me. One bullet him my hand and the other went through my back and out through my stomach," Samar, a young girl, told Al Jazeera while recovering from her wounds at a Gaza hospital.

Amal, another young girl, wailed: "We have nothing to do with this, we don't fire rockets, we don't know what this war is about." 

More than 40,000 pregnant women and their unborn children were also believed to be at risk because Gaza's overwhelmed hospitals were unable to take them in.


Dr Walid Sarhan, a Jordanian psychiatrist, said that if nothing is done to help traumatised children Gaza would begin to see advanced cases of psychiatric problems.

Gaza's child victims


 Video: Children suffer
 Video: Born into war
 Naming the deceased

"The main one would be post-traumatic stress disorder, which is expected to rise 60 or 70 per cent among children," he said.

"Also they will have behavioural and emotional problems. They will have difficulties returning to school, going on to achieve in school, and this will not be in small numbers."

Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, said that thousands of children in southern Israel were also suffering because of Palestinian rocket fire.

"Two weeks before this crisis started I went down south with my prime minister, Mr Olmert ... and he was given letters from fourth graders I believe, children who are nine and 10-years-old, who their entire lives have been on the incoming end of these Hamas rockets," he told Al Jazeera.

"You have a whole generation of Israeli children who unfortunately suffering similar trauma."

 Source:Al Jazeera and agencies
Av K - 15 januari 2009 18:44

Children 'paying price of Gaza war'

More than 300 children have been killed in Israel's continuing assault, UN says.

Av K - 14 januari 2009 21:27

Gaza death toll passes 1,000

More than 80,000 Gazans have been forced to flee their homes because of the fighting [EPA]

More than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed during Israel's 19-day war in Gaza, Palestinian medical officials have said, as clashes continue throughout the Strip.

Civilians make up about 40 per cent of casualities with children accounting for a third of the dead, aid agencies and Palestinian medics said.

At least 4,630 people have been injured, Hasanein Myawaya, the head of Palestinian emergency services, said.

Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said while fewer Palestinians had been killed on Wednesday than during previous days, the situation for Gazans remained one of "complete fear and terror".

"For those who venture out [for food]... they know that anytime they leave their house it could be the last time.

"More than 80,000 Palestinians have now fled their homes because of the fighting around them ... there is a sense of overcrowding ... UN schools have taken in 35,000 refugees.

'Desperation and fear'

"There is real desperation and fear among the people," he said.

Mohyeldin also said that the so-called "humanitarian corridor" - the Israeli three-hour daily lull in fighting to allow food and medical supplies into Gaza - is "simply not producing a cessation of hostilities".


Analysis and features from Gaza and Israel

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Shelling could still be heard in parts of Gaza City during the three-hour armistice, he reported.

Mads Gilbert, a surgeon with the Norwegian Aid Committee, told Al Jazeera: "This is a man-made situation that affects mainly the civilian population of Gaza who are without protection."

Thirteen Israelis have been killed in the conflict, including three civilians and 10 soldiers.

Alan Fisher, reporting for Al Jazeera from Israel close to the Gaza border, said around 15 rockets had been fired from the Strip into Israeli territory.

As the death toll continued to rise, diplomatic efforts to bring about a ceasefire appeared to make little progress.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, arrived in Cairo earlier on Wednesday in a bid to kick-start ceasefire negotiations between Hamas - the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip - and Israel.

Ban met Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, on arrival and is expected to hold talks with the leaders of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

The UN chief has not said whether he will have direct contact with Hamas leaders.

Ban has repeatedly called for both sides to immediately end hostilities, so far to no avail.

Diplomacy doomed?

Robert Fisk, a journalist and Middle East expert, said neither the current Gaza war nor the broader 60-year regional conflict would end without resolving the Palestinian issue.

"Unless we deal with... [Palestinian refugees], there will not be an end to this war"

Robert Fisk, journalist and Middle East expert

"Why are they [Palestinians] dispossessed? Why are settlements - colonies for Jews and Jews only - being built on Arab land illegally? And still it continues," he told Al Jazeera.

"Unless we deal with this [Palestinian refugees], there will not be an end to this war. There might be a ceasefire in Gaza, a ceasefire in the West Bank, but there will not be an end to the war. That is the problem."

Earlier this week, the United Nations Security Council agreed a binding resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Strip.

However, both Israel and Hamas have ignored it and continued fighting.

Fisk said that Israel will be able to flout the UN ceasefire demand as long as the US - the only country to abstain from the 15-member security council vote on the resolution - continues to back Israel.

"It's quite clear from Hillary Clinton [incoming US secretary of state] most recent comments that it [the US backing of Israel] will continue under Barack Obama.

"I see no change, I see no hope at all in the future," Fisk said.

 Source:Al Jazeera and agencies



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